Lent, Lindt and a Labrador


Hello everybody!

To kick off what you will rapidly realise is another tenuously linked post, here is a picture of my latest painting, Pluto the chocolate Labrador:

I’m pleased with how it’s turned out, although unfortunately my beloved daylight lamp is casting a nasty glow on this photograph. I particularly like the background colour, and am finding myself increasingly drawn to sludgy neutrals which I feel work nicely as a backdrop to animal portraits.

Speaking of chocolate (…yes, I warned you…) most of my time in Miami fell over Lent and this is what greeted me every time I opened the fridge:

By a show of hands, what’s more embarrassing; the fact I labelled my Lindt bunny, or that my handwriting resembles a 5 year old’s?

Needless to say I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Easter Sunday, as was Maggie who wouldn’t stop nagging me to dress her up in these ridiculous bunny ears she insisted on buying.

Anyway, I needn’t have worried about hoarding my chocolate, as the good people of the Sony Open clearly had their priorities in order-

And so I close the chapter on Easter this year.

Moving on, and before flying home I made a whirlwind visit to Boise so I could see my brother. Funnily, my trip coincided with this, but the big¬†match that weekend was the turf war between the Boise State men’s tennis team and their rivals, BYU. Sadly the Broncos lost in the deciding rubber, but it was great to see them play in such an intense atmosphere for my first experience of college tennis. It was lovely to be back in Boise again, and one of the highlights was a hike up the famous Table Rock:

A new friend I made this trip was a gorgeous rescue puppy… also called Maggie:

I believe she has Jack Russell and Australian Shepherd in her, and she is definitely a lot better behaved than my Maggie was at that age.

In fact, if any of you are interested in purchasing a well behaved Border Terrier that doesn’t eat/chase things it’s not meant to, and always¬†comes when it’s called, then I direct you to Richard Cooper & Company, where you can find this delightful chap:

I was given this bronze for Christmas and absolutely love it; despite being small it’s lovely and heavy with such characterful detailing. Just how a Border should be.

Another statue that’s caught my eye recently was on a much larger scale. Back in Miami, I came across this wonderful piece in the gardens of the Ritz Carlton:

The artist is Carole Feuerman, who is known for her hyper-realist sculptures. On close inspection you can even see water droplets on the surface of the swimmer’s skin, the attention to detail is so thorough. My favourite thing about the piece, though, is the way the figure’s eyes are closed and she is gently smiling. Observing her felt as though you were intruding on a private moment of reflection, yet she didn’t seem to mind at all.

And I finish with another private moment of reflection:

Until next time!

Kim x




  1. Brenda
    April 24, 2013

    Congratulations on capturing such stunning detail on the canine portrait. Its softness resembles the equally handsome liver Flatcoated Retriever – the only breed for me. Regards from my lovely black Flatcoat Ben to Maggie and Rusty.

  2. Lindy
    April 24, 2013

    The painting of the chocolate Labrador really is stunning. The detail is just amazing. A fab blog as always. x

  3. Denise
    April 25, 2013

    I have Bosco and Tilly bronzes by said company on my mantelpiece Kim. The Lab sitting with a glove in his mouth by a pair of boots and the Collie in the crouched and ready position. Both capture the dogs personality perfectly! Pluto is stunning – just makes you want to reach out and stroke him. D x

  4. Donna
    April 26, 2013

    Great blog Kim and a Stunning painting of Pluto, thank you for sharing :) x

  5. Pop
    April 26, 2013

    loved the dog(s)
    won’t use your blog as a distraction from chocolate :)

  6. Carol
    April 28, 2013

    Dear Kim,

    As always, I anxiously await each blog post, and I am never disappointed. The portrait of Pluto is absolutely wonderful. Not only do you capture every detail so meticulously, but you also convey–or seemingly so–the personality, the essence, of the lab. What an extraordinary talent…

    Also, your prose is cleverly written, and your perspective on the beauty all around us–from sculpture to sunbathing pups–is refreshing.

    Write on,


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