Getting festive… Florida style


Hello everyone!

I’ll (try to) keep this short- I’m in Miami spending some quality time with the sun before I go home for Christmas and forget what it looks like entirely. Although I secretly can’t wait to return to the blustery depths of the British winter- log fires, mulled wine and T.V specials belong on my list of favourite things- the festive spirit is definitely sizeable here in South Florida:

Christmas tree dwarfs Palm trees

In between Christmas shopping jaunts I’ve been getting a fair amount of painting done, albeit in a makeshift studio with my equipment balanced on an ironing board (most use that’s ever had). Continuing the theme of all things supersized, these fruit studies are a follow-up to the oversized raspberries I showed you a while back.

I had great fun painting the strawberries especially, and had a go at making a time-lapse video to share with you all. Sadly it took me longer to edit the video than create the painting itself, so don’t expect to see another one of these anytime soon! Disclaimer: I’m definitely not trying to make tie-dye cool again.

A big, fat thank you goes to the wonderful Jane Hunt for lending me a piece of her lovely music to stick over the top. Without her you’d be subjected to the sound of my (terrible) singing, sped up by 1200x and sounding terrifyingly chipmunk-esque. Jane is an incredible violinist, and the other day let me have a play around taking photos of her (virtually priceless) instrument.

It’s pretty much a work of art itself and the craftsmanship up close is phenomenal. No wonder she politely declined when I asked if I could scratch out what I remember of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I paid a visit to the Art Basel exhibition which rolls into Miami every year, but stupidly forgot to take enough photographs. There was some interesting (and some very unusual) art on display. I was completely blown away by Kenji Sugiyama’s pieces; intricate interiors created inside minuscule boxes, amplified by ingenious use of mirrors. I also loved the collection of Warhol prints, and managed to snap a hazy picture of a quote I particularly liked:

"Pop art is for everyone. I don't think art should be only for the select few"- Andy Warhol

Eric Church is one of my favourite (musical) artists, and I was thoroughly overexcited to find out he was playing in Florida this week. He was amazing live.

I didn’t manage to catch a photo of everyone in the arena waving their cowboy boots over their heads as he serenaded us with These Boots, but I assure you it was a very cool moment.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Kim x




  1. Pop
    December 17, 2012

    That video is the most amazing thing ever.

  2. floe
    December 18, 2012

    hey, kim loved your video. i think the video was quite insightful for an amateur painter like myself. would love to see more videos like these even though you said its time consuming. :)

  3. Liz
    December 19, 2012

    Awesome video! Would love to see one when you paint a dog!

  4. Jo
    December 19, 2012

    Hi Kim

    Love your ‘fruity’ pictures; and it was fascinating to watch the video. Thanks for sharing.
    A couple of blogs ago you mentioned The Nutcracker. I hope you manage to get to see it live – though the next best thing to actually being at the ROH is to watch the DVD of the version that has been filmed there [The Nutcracker: The Royal Ballet 2009].
    Incidentally, I think I’ve spotted the back story to Andy’s post-match, skywards finger-pointing. Just check out when Clara meets the Chinese dancers in Act 2, Scene 2. Teehee!
    Seriously though, it’s been a great year – and I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.
    Happy painting! Jo

  5. Amanda
    December 20, 2012

    Kim, Your blogs are so fun to read,loved the video,hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and happy 2013!


  6. Denise Wilmshurst
    December 20, 2012

    Hi Kim

    Just loved the time lapse painting – it was actually very relaxing wathching you paint!! Just make sure you have your wellies and rain mac when you head back to Sussex. We have had soooo much rain recently the fields are sodden and under water and my kitchen floor is under constant siege from a very wet labrador and a mucky collie! Hope to catch up over the hols. Love Denise xx

  7. Donna
    December 20, 2012

    Hi Kim, I just wanted to say I love your paintings and the video is awesome :) . Thank you for sharing them with us. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. All the best for 2013

  8. Hilary Handley
    December 23, 2012

    Hello Kim, I’m quite (very) envious of anyone who can produce art in any shape or form – I even struggle with stick men, as my EFL students will attest! How long did it take you to do the strawberry picture from blank canvas to finished article?

    Male readers should skip this bit!! Am loving the Nails Inc colours – thanks again for the details.

    I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas followed by a peaceful, prosperous and successful New Year.

    Hilary (Handley)

  9. Pat moren
    December 24, 2012

    Thanks once again for a fascinating blog. You are probably back in the pouring rain now but hope you all have a great Christmas

  10. Maureen Stewart-Jones
    December 24, 2012

    Dear Kim, love your blogs and thank you for this one. You are so talented….the video was absolutely fantastic and those strawberries looked amazing. Glad you had such a lovely time in Miami. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas.xx

  11. KJ
    December 24, 2012

    The amount of work that artists put in to great paintings is often forgotten as we admire the finished piece. The video shows the toil and thought beneath the surface. It also provides insight into the process for non artists like myself. Thanks for sharing, Kim. You are gifted. I like your work a lot.

  12. Dee
    January 4, 2013

    Hi Kim

    as ever amazing amazing your art and your realness utterly refreshing!!

    Love – Bad Family Dancing – can imagine it would sound beautifully surreal to Eric Church

  13. Dee
    January 10, 2013

    Hi Kim

    just want to shout out some appreciation for Eric Church! music and lyrics amazing “Country Music Jesus” ….well what can I say just brilliant! and “Springsteen” has really got me for some reason, bizzarre cos was never actually a major Springsteen fan.

    As well as my old school country dedication its Tim McGraw that’s been top of the pops for me for a while but Eric is challenging.

    Country music – keep keeping it real !


  14. Gemma
    January 25, 2013

    Wow you are insanely talented.
    What a treat to see how you paint.
    Just truly stunning!

  15. Jamie
    January 27, 2013

    More time lapse please Kim, that was great, I can’t paint to save my life but love art so it was interesting to see the process in action, definitely do more of them.

    Also, the more video editing you do the quicker and easier it will get


  16. Disha
    January 28, 2013

    Kim, you are so fabulous! You have really carved out a path for yourself and it’s fabulous seeing such beautiful work like this. My mother is an amateur painter and could really use something from this blog! Thanks for sharing with the world!

  17. Pop
    February 27, 2013


    No pressure for the next one! :)
    I can’t seem to be able to get bored of the ‘strawberry’ video anyway :)
    It is almost like it was ‘accelerated’ in some way :)
    But i am sure u did all that at your own pace, like top athletes do :)

    Take care,


  18. Molly and Geoff Lowe
    March 4, 2013

    Only just read this,and you must have had the same violin teacher as me because I can only SCRATCH out …twinkle twinkle little star as well. !!!!!!!!!!


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